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Fleet List 
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Last Updated: 19/02/2014 8:45 AM
 Vessel nameCapacitySdwtBuiltStructure
LPG/c Handy-size
Baltic Gas20,700 cbm23,257 mts1994Double Hull
LPG/c Mid-size
Kent35,210 cbm26,539 mts2007Double Hull
Maersk Value82,290 cbm58,136 mts2007Double Hull
Maersk Virtue82,290 cbm58,063 mts2007Double Hull
Maersk Visual82,290 cbm58,063 mts2007Double Hull
Maersk Venture82,290 cbm58,159 mts2008Double Hull
x Vermilion First78,500 cbm49,999 mts2010Double Hull
x Yuricosmos78,500 cbm49,999 mts2010Double Hull
G Symphony83,274 cbm55,062 mts2011Double Hull
Maersk Tuas80,199 cbm53,010 mts2013Double Hull
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