As one of the world’s leading product tanker companies, with more than 160 vessels operating globally, our Taking Lead strategy aims to deliver industry-leading commercial performance, cost leadership and partner services enabled by digital solutions. This is benefitting our customers and partners.

The tanker industry is characterised by high price volatility. We utilise this volatility in commercial decision-making with the aim of delivering above-market returns. We combine a wealth of data from our fleet’s 2,200-plus annual voyages to and from some 650 ports with our employees’ industry knowhow, customer insight and capabilities to increase accuracy in forecasting where, when and how our vessels can best service our customers and partners while generating high earnings.

Another priority is to operate the vessels safely and cost-efficiently, keeping daily running costs at competitive levels, while retaining high safety standards and performance. Our strong technical capabilities and experience across different vessel segments ensure maintenance is conducted timely and to the high Maersk Tankers standard, contributing to prolonging the tradable lifetime for the vessels.

The third priority in the strategy is to retain and build strong partnerships across the industry where we operate other owners’ vessels against a fee. This provides partners with access to more customers through greater geographical coverage, greater exposure to the spot market while limiting some of the risks such as ballast legs and lengthy waiting time. Additionally, the pool points system, commission structures and reporting systems drive transparency and ensure alignment between Maersk Tankers and its partners. For the partners this means increased earnings; for Maersk Tankers, these strengthen our partnerships, generate asset-light income and grow our fleet of vessels.

At the heart of the strategy is our customers and partners, who we continue to serve through our core values, high safety standards, technical and commercial expertise and nearly nine decades of history together.