Maersk Tankers conducts its business conscious of social and environmental impact and aims to reduce these. This is reflected in our sustainability strategy, which focuses on safety, energy efficiency and responsible business practices. 


The safety of our employees, cargoes and vessels is a top priority, governed by international regulations and our own policies.

Energy efficiency

It is a priority to lessen the environmental impact of our operations by reducing C02 emissions.

Responsible business

We conduct our business adhering to international regulations, which are supported by our own policies to fight corruption, promote responsible procurement, ensure environmental compliance, respect human and labour rights, and provide security.

The Maersk Whistleblower System

We believe that high business standards play an essential role in ensuring our continued growth and success. It's about being upright in our actions so we can be proud of the work we do.

Modern Slavery Statement

The 2015 UK Modern Slavery Act is intended to tackle modern forms of slavery work, ranging from abusive working and living conditions, to withholding of wages or passports, to use of trafficked labour.