Modern Slavery Statement

Maersk Modern Slavery Statement

The 2015 UK Modern Slavery Act is intended to tackle modern forms of slavery work, ranging from abusive working and living conditions, to withholding of wages or passports, to use of trafficked labour. The Act applies to UK incorporated entities and foreign entities, conducting business in the UK, that have an annual turnover of £36m or more. These entities must produce an annual online Statement describing policies, and measures taken to mitigate slavery risks during the reporting year. Within A.P. Møller - Maersk A/S, we have identified relevant legal entities, either UK incorporated entities or foreign entities with relevant presence in the UK, subject to this reporting requirement. We produce one statement approved and signed by the board of all relevant legal entities, since Maersk policies and procedures relating to the management of the risk of modern slavery are applied across all businesses. Please follow the link above to view Maersk Modern Slavery Statement.